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D.C. Occupation Oct 8 2011

9 Oct

“The big question always is what labor is going to do about some of these big global issues. They have taken some good positions, but will they hold them, and how far are they willing to go? I think if labor does not continue to take steps to be an equal partner in a coalition around these critical issues, or if they make agreements that lead to unsatisfactory settlements, taking them out of the movement, a lot of young people will become very disillusioned with labor, and we will have lost any hope of building the power base we need.” – Lisa Fithian

Occupy The U.S.!
Create a New World!

Photos and video by Kris Notaro


D.C. Occupation Oct 7 2011

8 Oct

People’s Needs Not Corporate Greed!
Occupy the U.S.!
Demand the impossible!

photos and video by Kris Notaro

D.C. Occupation Oct 6 2011

8 Oct

Photos by Kris Notaro